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200-301 CCNA dumps 2023 latest exam practice questions sharing

Question 1:

Which is the reason to implement IPv4 private addressing?

A. Comply with PCI regulations.

B. Reduce the size of the forwarding table on network routers.

C. Reduce the risk of a network security breach.

D. Comply with local law.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

How does STP prevent forwarding loops at OSI Layer 2?


B. MAC address forwarding

C. Collision avoidance

D. Port blocking

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

Refer to the exhibit.

With which metric was the route to host learned?

A. 0

B. 110

C. 38443

D. 3184439

Correct Answer: C

Both the line “O” and “S” cover the host but with the “longest (prefix) match” rule the router will choose the first route.

Question 4:

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer executed the script and added commands that were not necessary for SSH and now must remove the commands.

A. metric

B. cost

C. longest prefix

D. administrative distance

Correct Answer: D

Question 5:


Drag and drop the virtualization concepts from the left onto the matching statements on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

Question 6:

Which two network actions occur within the data plane? (Choose two.)

A. Add or remove an 802.1Q trunking header.

B. Make a configuration change from an incoming NETCONF RPC.

C. Run routing protocols.

D. Match the destination MAC address to the MAC address table.

E. Reply to an incoming ICMP echo request.

Correct Answer: AD


?De-encapsulating and re-encapsulating a packet in a data-link frame (routers, Layer 3 switches)

?Adding or removing an 802.1Q trunking header (routers and switches)

?Matching an Ethernet frame\’s destination Media Access Control (MAC) address to the MAC address table (Layer 2 switches)

?Matching an IP packet\’s destination IP address to the IP routing table (routers, Layer 3 switches)

?Encrypting the data and adding a new IP header (for virtual private network [VPN] processing)

?Changing the source or destination IP address (for Network Address Translation [NAT] processing)

?Discarding a message due to a filter (access control lists [ACLs], port security

Question 7:

Which three statements are typical characteristics of VLAN arrangements? (Choose three.)

A. A new switch has no VLANs configured.

B. Connectivity between VLANs requires a Layer 3 device.

C. VLANs typically decrease the number of collision domains.

D. Each VLAN uses a separate address space.

E. A switch maintains a separate bridging table for each VLAN.

F. VLANs cannot span multiple switches.

Correct Answer: BDE

Question 8:

Refer to the exhibit. When running EIGRP, what is required for RouterA to exchange routing updates with RouterC?

A. AS numbers must be changed to match on all the routers

B. Loopback interfaces must be configured so a DR is elected

C. The no auto-summary command is needed on Router A and Router C

D. Router B needs to have two network statements, one for each connected network

Correct Answer: A

This question is to examine the understanding of the interaction between EIGRP routers. The following information must be matched so as to create a neighborhood. EIGRP routers to establish must match the following information:

  1. AS Number;

2. K value.

Question 9:

What is the role of disaggregation in controller-based networking?

A. It divides the control-plane and data-plane functions.

B. It summarizes the routes between the core and distribution layers of the network topology.

C. It enables a network topology to quickly adjust from a ring network to a star network

D. It streamlines traffic handling by assigning individual devices to perform either Layer 2 or Layer 3 functions.

Correct Answer: A

Question 10:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements about the interface that generated the output are true? (Choose two.)

A. Two secure MAC addresses are manually configured on the interface.

B. A Syslog message is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is on the interface.

C. The interface is error-disabled.

D. The interface dynamic ally learned two secure MAC addresses.

E. An SNMP trap is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is reached on the interface.

Correct Answer: CD

Question 11:

What are two characteristics of a public cloud Implementation? (Choose two.)

A. It is owned and maintained by one party, but it is shared among multiple organizations.

B. It enables an organization to fully customize how It deploys network resources.

C. It provides services that are accessed over the Internet.

D. It Is a data center on the public Internet that maintains cloud services for only one company.

E. It supports network resources from a centralized third-party provider and privately-owned virtual resources

Correct Answer: CE

Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit. Users on existing VLAN 100 can reach sites on the Internet. Which action must the administrator take to establish connectivity to the Internet for users in VLAN 200?

A. Define a NAT pool on the router.

B. Configure static NAT translations for VLAN 200.

C. Configure the ip nat outside command on another interface for VLAN 200.


Correct Answer: D

Question 13:

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are true about the loopback address that is configured on RouterB? (Choose two.)

A. It ensures that data will be forwarded by RouterB.

B. It provides stability for the OSPF process on RouterB.

C. It specifies that the router ID for RouterB should be

D. It decreases the metric for routes that are advertised from RouterB.

E. It indicates that RouterB should be elected the DR for the LAN.

Correct Answer: BC

A loopback interface never comes down even if the link is broken so it provides stability for the OSPF process (for example we use that loopback interface as the router-id) – The router-ID is chosen in the order below:

+ The highest IP address assigned to a loopback (logical) interface.+ If a loopback interface is not defined, the highest IP address of all active routers \’s physical interfaces will be chosen. -> The loopback interface will be chosen as the router ID of RouterB?

Question 14:

Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator must permit SSH access to remotely manage routers in a network. The operations team resides on the network. Which command will accomplish this task?

A. access-list 2699 permit udp

B. no access-list 2699 deny tcp any eq 22

C. access-list 2699 permits tcp any eq 22

D. no access-list 2699 deny ip any

Correct Answer: D

Already a statement is there in the last to allow SSH Traffic for network, but the Second

statement says to deny ip any, so how it will work once it is denied? So the right answer is remove the — no access-list 2699 deny ip any

Question 15:


Drag and drop the IPv6 address details from the left onto the corresponding types on the right.

Select and Place:

Correct Answer:

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