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As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is becoming increasingly important for IT professionals to stay updated with the latest skills and knowledge. One way to demonstrate your expertise in the field is by obtaining relevant certifications. The NS0-194 certification exam is designed to validate your proficiency in NetApp Certified Support Engineer (NCSE) technology.

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The following two sets of exercises are titled 2023 (December) and 2024 (as of now).

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From: Pass4itSure
Number of issues: 15/60
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Question 1:

A customer has reported an unexplained reboot of an ONTAP node that did not generate a panic string or a core file.

In this scenario, which two sets of logs do you collect to further diagnose the issue? (Choose two.)

A. system core

B. sp status

C. events all

D. sp status -d

Correct Answer: AC

Question 2:

How many data-serving SVMs are supported with Cloud Volumes ONTAP that is running ONTAP 9.5?

A. 128

B. 1024

C. 1

D. 10

Correct Answer: C


Question 3:

A customer ordered a FAS2720 cluster with 8 TB SATA drives. The customer wants to use the Advanced Drive Partitioning (ADP) feature to avoid consuming the high-capacity drives for the root aggregate. Before you use the cluster setup, you issue the aggr status command and notice that ADP is not being used.

In this scenario, what would you use to implement ADP?

A. loader prompt

B. special boot menu

C. node shell

D. SP prompt

Correct Answer: A

Question 4:

You observe cyclic redundancy check (CRC) errors on a network port from a node in the cluster.

Which two components would you consider reseating or replacing before you perform actions on the physical port where the errors are reported from the node? (Choose two.)


B. cluster interconnect switch

C. up-stream switch

D. cable

Correct Answer: CD

Question 5:

Your Windows clients were able to access your CIFS SVM yesterday. Today they are no longer able to access the CIFS SVM on your NetApp cluster. Your IT security team just pushed out a new group policy to enhance security.

In this scenario, which statement is true?

A. Your CIFS SVM is not using DNS.

B. Your CIFS SVM is configured to use SMBv1 and SMBv2.

C. Your CIFS SVM is configured for NFSv3 access.

D. Your CIFS SVM is configured for the wrong domain.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

When you replace a motherboard, which step will completely test the newly installed component?

A. From ONTAP, execute sldiag.

B. From the LOADER prompt, type boot_ontap maint, then execute sliding.

C. From the LOADER prompt, type boot_diags, then execute sldiag.

D. From the LOADER prompt, execute sliding.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: (36)

Question 7:

What is the minimum number of compute nodes required to run the NetApp Deployment Engine for NetApp HCI?

A. 2

B. 1

C. 3

D. 4

Correct Answer: A

Reference: 20cluster%20for%20NetApp,to%20all%20NetApp%20HCI%20networks.

Question 8:

Referring to the exhibit, the UNIX user “prof1” will be looked up in which source first?

A. nis

B. dns

C. ldap

D. files

Correct Answer: B

Question 9:

You are using FCP and iSCSI protocols from your clients with ONTAP as the target. You want to ensure that storage failover (SFO) works correctly for your clients.

In this scenario, which two features of the initiator and the target will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)





Correct Answer: BC


Question 10:

What are two supported cabling methods for a NetApp HCI compute node? (Choose two.)

A. 1-cable configuration

B. 2-cable configuration

C. 6-cable configuration

D. 4-cable configuration

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: (11)

Question 11:

How many drive bays does a DS4246 shelf have?

A. 42

B. 12

C. 46

D. 24

Correct Answer: D


Question 12:

A customer asks what is the correct way to configure an ONTAP system for multi-tenancy. The customer wants to serve data and also protect data using SnapMirror from tenant A using network A and from tenant B using network B.

In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A. The customer must use different VLANs for the two tenants.

B. This setup can only work if tenant A and tenant B use a shared network infrastructure.

C. The customer must set up two different spaces for the two tenants.

D. Each node can only communicate with tenant A or tenant B, but not with both at the same time.

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

A user can read and write some files on an NFS volume, but the user is unable to read all of the files in the volume.

In this scenario, which command will help you troubleshoot this problem?

A. security login create

B. security audit show

C. server security trace filter create

D. server export-policy check-access

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

You are using AFF storage with the NVMe storage protocol on your Linux clients.

In this scenario, which NVMe feature must be present and enabled for the client to see storage failover happen?

A. Asymmetric Namespace Access (ANA)

B. Multi-Path I/O (MPIO)

C. Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA)

D. NVMe Qualified Name (NQN)

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

For testing purposes, your customer decides to use FC on a single-node ONTAP cluster. There is only one host that the customer expects to use. High availability is not a concern for this test. The customer connects the host directly to the ONTAP node. The LUN is set up, and the group is configured. When the customer tries to attach to the LUN from the host, the LUN is not seen by the host.

Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A. Multipathing must be used and connected to another FC path.

B. NPV must be enabled on the host before trying to attach to the LUN.

C. NPIV must be enabled on the host before trying to attach to the LUN.

D. An FC switch must be used with ONTAP.

Correct Answer: B

2024 New NS0-194 Dumps NS0-194 Practice Questions

From: Pass4itSure
Number of issues: 10/60
Updated: Apr 16, 2024


You have an ONTAP 2-node cluster. You run a read/write test workload against an SMB share, and it is slower than you expected. You run the same test again, but this time you monitor the storage using a QoS command.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the problem?

A. There is a disk bottleneck.

B. An HA interconnect problem is present.

C. The SMB read sizes should be increased.

D. The NVRAM needs to be replaced.

Correct Answer: B


In the AFF A200 shown in the exhibit, which port is a CNA port?

A. |0|0|

B. e0c/0c

C. e0a

D. 0a

Correct Answer: B



You want to use the supported method to upgrade the ONTAP version of a Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance from ONTAP 9.5 to ONTAP 9.6.

In this scenario, which NetApp tool accomplishes this task?

A. Cloud Manager

B. Cloud Insights

C. Active IQ Unified Manager

D. ONTAP System Manager

Correct Answer: D



A volume was accidentally deleted two hours ago by another administrator. No backups exist.

In this scenario, what do you do to restore the data?

A. Use the ONTAP System Manager to recover the volume.

B. Use a volume snapshot to return the data to the active file system.

C. Use the volume recovery queue to restore the volume.

D. Use an aggregate snapshot to revert the aggregate to an earlier state.

Correct Answer: C



Which two statements describe ONTAP NVRAM? (Choose two.)

A. ONTAP NVRAM is used as a read cache.

B. ONTAP NVRAM stores uncommitted writes.

C. ONTAP NVRAM is used as a write cache.

D. ONTAP NVRAM is battery-backed.

Correct Answer: BC



Referring to the exhibit, which two components should be examined? (Choose two.)

A. cluster switches

B. SAS adapter

C. network interface card

D. disk

Correct Answer: BD


The details from within Active IQ Cluster Viewer are downloadable in which three file formats? (Choose three.)






Correct Answer: ABC


Which NetApp technology enables a volume to span across one or more aggregates and one or more NetApp nodes?

A. FlexVol

B. Flash Pool

C. Flash Cache

D. FlexGroup

Correct Answer: D

Reference: (3)


Which NetApp technology enables you to perform block-based replication from NetApp Element software to Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

A. SyncMirror

B. SnapMirror

C. Cloud Sync

D. MetroCluster

Correct Answer: B


Your Windows clients were able to access your CIFS SVM yesterday. Today they are no longer able to access the CIFS SVM on your NetApp cluster. Your IT security team just pushed out a new group policy to enhance security.

In this scenario, which statement is true?

A. Your CIFS SVM is not using DNS.

B. Your CIFS SVM is configured to use SMBv1 and SMBv2.

C. Your CIFS SVM is configured for NFSv3 access.

D. Your CIFS SVM is configured for the wrong domain.

Correct Answer: A

As you can see from the practice questions above, Pass4itSure NS0-194 dumps are always updated to provide you with the latest exam questions.

The importance of exam preparation

Proper exam preparation is crucial for achieving your certification goals. Without thorough preparation, you may find it difficult to pass the NS0-194 exam and obtain the desired certification. The exam covers a wide range of topics, including troubleshooting, installation, and configuration of NetApp storage systems. By dedicating adequate time and effort to exam preparation, you can enhance your understanding of these concepts and increase your chances of success.

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