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Exam Code: 1Z0-443
Exam Name: Oracle Taleo Learn Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials
Updated: Jul 02, 2017
Q&As: 78

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Share some Oracle Specialist 1Z0-443 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:

Question: 37
In an emergency treatment situation, a health care provider:
A. Must obtain the signature of the patient before disclosing PHI to another provider.
B. Must contact a relative of the patient before disclosing PHI to another provider.
C. May use their best judgment in order to provide appropriate treatment.
D. May use PHI but may not disclose it to another provider
E. Must inform the patient about the Notice of Privacy Practices before delivering treatment.
1Z0-443 dumps 
Answer: C

Question: 38
Patient identifiable information may include:
A. Country of birth.
B. Telephone number,
C. Information on past 3 employers.
D. Patient credit reports.
E. Smart card-based digital signatures.
Answer: B

Question: 39
Select the FALSE statement regarding the administrative requirements of the HIPAA privacy rule.
A. A covered entity must mitigate, to the extent practicable, any harmful effect that it becomes
aware of from the use or disclosure of PHI in violation of its policies and procedures or HIPAA
B. A covered must not in any way intimidate, retaliate, or discriminate against any individual or other
entity, which tiles a compliant.
C. A covered entity may not require individuals to waive their rights as a condition for treatments
payment, enrollment in a health plan, or eligibility for benefits,
D. A covered entity must retain the documents required by the regulations for a period of six years
E. A covered entity must change its policies and procedures to comply with HIPAA regulations no
later than three years after the change in law
1Z0-443 exam 
Answer: E

Question: 40
Select the correct statement regarding the requirements for oral communication in the HIPAA
A. Covered entities must reasonably safeguard PHI, including oral communications, from any
intentional or unintentional use or disclosure that is in violation of the Privacy Rule.
B. Covered entities must have in place appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards
to protect the privacy of de-Identified data
C. Covered entities are prohibited from marketing through oral communications.
D. The Privacy Rule requires covered entities to document any information, including oral
communications, which is used or disclosed for TPO purposes.
E. The Privacy Rule will often require major structural changes, such as soundproof rooms and
encryption of telephone systems, to provide the “reasonable safeguards” of oral communications
required by the regulations.
Answer: A

Question: 41
A doctor sends patient records to another company for data entry services. A bonded delivery
service is used for the transfer. The records are returned to the doctor after entry is complete, using
the same delivery service. The entry facility and the network they use are secure. The doctor is
named as his own Privacy Officer in written policies. The doctor has written procedures for this
process and all involved parties are documented as having been trained in them The doctor does not
have written authorizations to disclose Protected Health Information (PHI). Is the doctor in violation
of the Privacy Rule?
A. No – This would be considered an allowed “routine disclosure between the doctor and his
business partner.
B. Yes – There is no exception to the requirement for an authorization prior to disclosure, no matter
how well intentioned or documented.
C. Yes – a delivery service is not considered a covered entity
D. Yes – to be a “routine disclosure” all the parties must have their own Privacy Officer as mandated
by l-IIPAA.
E. Yes – this is not considered a part of “treatment”, which is one of the valid exceptions to the
Privacy Rule.
1Z0-443 pdf Answer: A

Question: 42
Which of the following is example of “Payment” as defined in the HIPAA regulations?
A. Annual Audits
B. Claims Management
C. Salary disbursement to the workforce having direct treatment relationships.
D. Life Insurance underwriting
E. Cash given to the pharmacist for the purchase of an over-the-counter drug medicine
Answer: B

Question: 43
Select the correct statement regarding the responsibilities of providers and payers under HIPAA’s
privacy rule.
A. Optionally, they might develop a mechanism of accounting for all disclosures of PHI for purposes
other than TPO.
B. They must redesign their offices, workspaces, and storage systems to afford maximum protection
to PHI from intentional and unintentional use and disclosure.
C. They must develop methods for disclosing only the minimum amount of protected information
necessary to accomplish any intended purpose.
D. They must obtain a “top secret” security clearance for all member of their workforce.
E. They must identify business associates that need to use PHI to accomplish their function and
develop authorization forms to allow PHI to be shared with these business associates.
1Z0-443 vce Answer: C

Question: 44
The code set that must be used to describe or identify dentists services and procedures is:
A. lcD-9-cM, Volumes 1 and 2
B. CPT-4
D. ICD-9-CM, Volume 3
Answer: C

Question: 45
The Security Rule requires that the covered entity identifies a security official who is responsible for
the development and implementation of the policies and procedures. This is addressed under which
security standard?:
A. Security incident Procedures
B. Response and Reporting
C. Assigned Security Responsibility
D. Termination Procedures
E. Facility Access Controls
1Z0-443 dumps Answer: C

Question: 46
This code set describes drugs:
A. ICD-9-CM, Volumes 1 and 2.
B. CPT-4.
D. ICD-9-CM, Volume 3.
Answer: E

Question: 47
Within the context of a transaction set, the fields that comprise a hierarchical level are referred to as
A. Loop
B. Enumerator.
C. Identifier.
D. Data segment.
E. Code set.
1Z0-443 exam  Answer: A

Question: 48
Health information is protected by the Privacy Rule as long as:
A. The authorization has been revoked by the physician
B. The patient remains a citizen of the United States.
C. The information is under the control of HHS.
D. The information is in the possession of a covered entity.
E. The information is not also available on paper forms.
Answer: D

Question: 49
Which one of the following is a required implementation specification of the Security Management
A. Risk Analysis
B. Access Control and Validation Procedures
C. Integrity Controls
D. Access Authorization
E. Termination Procedures
1Z0-443 pdf Answer: A

Question: 50
A business associate:
A. Requires PKI for the provider and the patient.
B. Is electronically stored information about an individual’s lifetime health status and health care.
C. Is another name for an HMO.
D. Identifies all non-profit organizations.
E. Is a person or an entity that on behalf of the covered entity performs or assists in the performance
of a function or activity involving the use or disclosure of health-related information.
Answer: E

Question: 51
Individually identifiable health information (IIHI) includes information that is:
A. Transmitted to a business associate for payment purposes only.
B. Stored on a smart card only by the patient.
C. Created or received by a credit company that provided a personal loan for surgical procedures.
D. Created or received by a health care clearinghouse for claim processing.
E. Requires the use of biometrics for access to records.
1Z0-443 vce Answer: D

Question: 52
Select the correct statement regarding the administrative requirements of the HIPAA privacy rule
A. A covered entity must apply disciplinary sanctions against members of its workforce who fail to
comply with the privacy policies and procedures of the covered entity.
B. A covered entity need not train all members of its workforce whose functions are materially
affected by a change in policy or procedure
C. A covered entity must designate, and document, a contact person responsible for receiving
acknowledgements of Notice of Privacy Practice.
D. A covered entity may require individuals to waive their rights.
E. A covered entity must provide maximum safeguards for PHI from any intentional or unintentional
use or disclosure that is in violation of the regulations and to limit incidental uses and disclosures
made pursuant to permitted or required use or disclosure.
Answer: A

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