Best Windows Laptop 2017 - Microsoft Surface Laptop?

Now is a shiny new laptop market, which is a good time to buy one. Apple’s recently launched new portable MacBook lineup gives them some extra cheer.Microsoft has launched a surface laptop in the UK. Microsoft’s latest Windows-driven machine is designed to deliver quality specifications and designs at a more affordable price. And, over the last few weeks, our bags have been packed with this device, and StarTech can say that if you like everything about Microsoft, it’s definitely worth considering.

Windows laptops are rarely described as sexy, but the first thing you’ll notice is how good surface looks. The stylish aluminum fuselage, with embossed windows logos, gives surface an advanced feeling when you pull it out of the bag. Microsoft also managed to keep the new surface relatively light.

By opening this gadget, you will be subject to another stylish design feature, which is covered with Alcantara fabric. This luxurious material is used in automobiles, airplanes and furniture, and provides a powerful cover. It may seem strange to cover a laptop with cloth, but in fact it feels luxurious. Microsoft says it can also be cleaned up-although we have to reconfirm it before using it.

Surface has a fast Intel Core processor and up to 512GB of hard disk space. The 13-inch Pixelsense touchscreen is a beautiful thing that shows the bright, colorful, sharp content. With the beautiful display, there are some delicious speakers hidden under the keyboard. Battery life also makes competitors cry because it lasts more than 14 hours without needing to be near the plug. There’s also a smart security feature that unlocks your laptop through your face-so you don’t need to remember your password. There is no doubt that Microsoft has used surface to create something worth your money, but before you get your wallet, there are some minor problems.

First of all, this laptop lacks some important ports, only a standard USB and Minidisplay port. Then the touchpad can only be described as feeling cheap, annoying and unpleasant to use. Finally, surface also comes with the Windows ten s operating system. The new operating system is designed to make it easier to use Microsoft’s popular operating system, and only applications and programs approved by Windows can be installed through the official store. There are many positive aspects to using Windows Ten, including keeping your laptop virus-free and not clogging up with cunning software. But it also means you can’t download popular programs like Google Chrome, Photoshop or many PC owners love games. Users of surface laptops can upgrade to the full and unlocked versions of Windows 10 free of charge.

Microsoft plans to end the free Windows 10 Assistive technology upgrade on December 31, eventually upgrading to Windows 10 free of charge. Microsoft ended the free upgrade service for all users on July 29, 2016, a year when Windows 10 was officially released. However, the company does allow assistive technicians to upgrade free of charge. Now, Microsoft is planning to turn off the free upgrade service for users who use assistive technology. This means that everyone now has the last chance to upgrade to Windows 10. After December 31, no one can use this vulnerability to upgrade to Windows 10.

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With its excellent performance, stunning screen and design, surface is worth considering as a portable PC. Microsoft has created a notebook computer that you like to use.

The surface of the notebook computer is entirely in line with expectations. I think this is the new de facto Windows laptop that most people want a Windows laptop to get-as long as they can afford to spend 1300 of dollars in upgrade mode. It creates a perfect balance of power, portability, practicality and design for most people; Although the price is slightly higher than the direct competitor. It’s thin, but not so thin, powerful, but not crazy. Microsoft just chose to do the obvious, right thing with this laptop over and over again, even if it’s a bit boring. Then he put a rug on it and tuned it up. I hope Microsoft has done a good job on this hardware and it does. But my other expectation for surface laptops is that I can’t really get the apps I need from the Windows App Store, and I’m right. If you buy this laptop, you will eventually upgrade to Windows Pro.

There is a thinner Windows notebook computer. There is a cheaper Windows notebook computer. There is a more powerful Windows notebook computer. But all these laptops require you to make more uncomfortable compromises than surface laptops.

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Pocket Lint:
The Microsoft Surface Book is a very interesting notebook computer. It looks gorgeous, built very well, and comes with a blocked version of Windows, and all the costs are considerable. In this regard, the education sector will be mistaken in this matter. However, upgraded to Windows Pro (free in 2017), Surface laptop is a powerful, mute operator with a very good screen and good battery time. We will choose the entry-level surface Pro, because if you specialize in laptops, then you’ll get more money.

But money is a problem here, because surface laptops are far from easy. Depending on what you see, it is not necessarily a trading circuit breaker. As a competitor to the Chromebook elite, it is as expensive as Google Chromebook Pixel did a few years ago. As a regular laptop or MacBook competitor, Surface laptop is a great machine for many people. If we’re going to buy a Windows machine tomorrow, it’s surface Laptop. This is just a ready-made version of the software we think, but it’s easy to correct.

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Microsoft is gaining a reputation for demonstrating its Windows software with solid, attractive, and generally satisfying high-end products, while Surface’s laptop continues. Thin and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and meticulous component considerations as well as high-quality building materials make it fun to use. This is clearly a tool that Microsoft’s designers and engineers spend a lot of time on, and most of it has been rewarded well. This is one of the most good-looking windows devices on the market, and, thanks to some pretty specs, a carefully controlled Windows 10 operating system, it is also one of the most fluent experiences in Windows. If you use Microsoft’s core tools and you can find everything you need in the Windows store, you’ll be in love with surface laptops. The ability to upgrade to Windows Pro is welcome for those who are concerned that Windows is too strict, and for many people this will make the device more useful and flexible.

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But this is not perfect, and there are some design choices that hinder its true greatness. The lack of usb-c is disappointing for this forward-looking device, and the lack of a port means you may have to resort to a USB adapter hub to plug in a variety of devices. You also pay a premium for this product-so there is a more powerful (but less visually appealing) laptop for the same price-or cheaper. At the same time, laptop glue and soldered cosmetics will let consumers even just wonder if anything is broken and their expensive gadgets can easily be fixed securely by people.

For now, if something breaks down, you may have to replace your surface laptop completely, even with a simpler, cheaper fix than other laptops. If you have completely purchased the ecosystem of Microsoft and want a lightweight laptop, and this laptop can perform at the least thrilling performance, then we can recommend surface laptops wholeheartedly. However, if you want more control over what is running on your machine, there are other ways to better meet your needs.

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