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Key study materials About DEA-1TT4 Exam:

Expertly Designed & Valid DEA-1TT Questions: Practice Test

Based on the exhibit, what does the “X”, “Y”, and “Z” represent in a NAS environment?

Pmtrainingprep DEA-1TT exam questions-q1

A. X = FC SAN, Y = IP Network, and Z = NAS Gateway
B. X = IP Network, Y = FC SAN, and Z = NAS Gateway
C. X = FC SAN, Y = NAS Gateway, and Z= IP Network
D. X = IP Network, Y = NAS Gateway, and Z = FC SAN
Correct Answer: D

In a compute-based storage area network (SAN), what is a function of the metadata manager?
A. Holds cluster-wide mapping information and load balancing in a compute-based SAN.
B. Performs the I/O operations on the local storage of a compute system as requested by a client.
C. Provides an interface to the software-defined storage controller.
D. Controls all data read and write operations in a compute-based SAN.
Correct Answer: A

When using the erasure coding technique in an object-based storage system, data is divided into 12 data segments and
4 coding segments. What is the maximum number of disk drive failures against which data is protected by the
A. 3
B. 4
C. 8
D. 12
Correct Answer: A

Why are organizations moving towards a modern data center implementation?
A. Develop modern applications in the public cloud without having the right skill set in-house.
B. Ability to be agile, operate in real time, and develop intelligent products.
C. Deploy only unified and converged IT resources to reduce the management complexity.
D. Reduce the cost of managing data center components by using a self-service catalog.
Correct Answer: C

Expertly Designed & Valid DES-1721 Questions: Practice Test


Pmtrainingprep DES-1721 exam questions-q1

Based on the exhibit, a customer is using Virtual Port Mode. If the primary path for the controller on the “left” is
disconnected while running an IOmeter test for a volume owned by the “left” controller, will the system survive failover?
A. Yes, Virtual Port Mode will failover the I/O through the other available paths.
B. No, Virtual Port Mode does not support port failover.
C. No, the system does not have reserved paths to perform failover.
D. Yes, the reserved path will be active and I/O will continue.
Correct Answer: B

Why should Legacy Port Mode be selected rather than Virtual Port Mode on an SC Series storage array?
A. Virtual Port Mode requires NPIV support
B. Legacy Port Mode is easier to set up and more reliable
C. Virtual Port Mode is difficult to set up
D. Virtual Port Mode does not support ALUA
Correct Answer: C

Which SC Series licenses are applied at the factory?
A. SC4020 and SC7020
B. SC7020 and SCv2000
C. SC8000 and SC9000
D. SCv2000 and SC8000
Correct Answer: B

Why would the Key Management Server (KMS) Settings page appear during installation?
A. Page appears only if SED drives are present
B. Page only appears if an external KMS is defined during setup and configuration
C. Page is standard and always appears as part of the installation and configuration
D. Page only appears if a security certificate is not generated
Correct Answer: A
Reference: Securing_2D00_SC_2D00_Series_2D00_storage_2D00_best_2D00_practice

A customer is running the Dell Storage Manager (DSM) Suite as a software stack on Microsoft Windows. To reduce the
Microsoft licensing costs, the customer wants to switch to the DSM Virtual Appliance. Which recommended deployment
should the customer use?
A. Configure as a Primary Data Collector
B. Configure as a Remote Data Collector
C. Migrate the DSM database manually
D. Migrate from the existing Data Collector
Correct Answer: D

Expertly Designed & Valid E20-593 Questions: Practice Test

Refer to the exhibit.

Pmtrainingprep E20-593 exam questions-q1

In the NMM backup workflow, which process is shown in the box marked “A”?
A. nsrsnap_vss_save
B. nsrsnap_save
C. nsr_moss_save
D. nsr_ad_save
Correct Answer: A


Pmtrainingprep E20-593 exam questions-q2

Based on the exhibit, what is the size of the Dell EMC NetWorker synthetic full backup on Saturday?
A. 1.5 TB
B. 1.7 TB C. 2.1 TB
D. 2.45 TB
Correct Answer: D

When adding an EMC NetWorker server\\’s name into the /nsr/res/servers file of a client, which service must be
restarted on the client for the change to take effect?
A. nsrexecd
B. nsrd
C. nsrindexd
D. nsrdb
Correct Answer: A

A customer is running an EMC NetWorker 7.6 server on a UNIX platform and wants to monitor backup operations from
the command line.
Which utility can be used?
A. nsrinfo
B. nsrmmd
C. nsrjb
D. nsrwatch
Correct Answer: D

An EMC NetWorker customer uses a custom schedule for backups and has disabled autostart in all savegroups.
Backup reports indicate that a bootstrap backup occurs after each savegroup is run. What can you do to ensure that
only one bootstrap backup occurs daily?
A. Place the NetWorker server in its own group and enable autostart.
B. Run savegrp -O manually for each group.
C. Disable manual saves in the server configuration.
D. Run a savefs -O manually for each group.
Correct Answer: A

Expertly Designed & Valid E20-597 Questions: Practice Test

An Administrator needs to back up a Windows file server that has a million small files in a high density file system.
What is the best way to fulfill the Administrator\\’s requirements?
A. Block level backup using SnapImage
B. Volume level backup
C. Enable client-side compression
D. Increase client parallelism
Correct Answer: A

A backup administrator is configuring Dell EMC Networker to use Data Domain Cloud Tier devices. During the
configuration, a message appears that the Data Domain data movement policy will be updated to an app-based policy.
What is a function of the app-based policy?
A. Direct the NetWorker clone action to copy data to the Data Domain Cloud Tier device
B. Direct the NetWorker backup action to copy data directly to the cloud provider
C. Direct the NetWorker backup action to copy data to the Data Domain device
D. Direct the Data Domain system to copy data to the cloud provider
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of using remote devices in Dell EMC NetWorker?
A. Allow the backup workload to be distributed to multiple storage nodes
B. Save backup time by using image-level backup processing
C. Isolate groups of clients from other clients in the datazone
D. Reduce the capacity requirements for backup storage
Correct Answer: B

A company is running an EMC NetWorker server on a UNIX platform and wants to monitor backup operations from the
UNIX command line.
Which utility can be used?
A. nsrwatch
B. nsradmin
C. nsrinfo
D. nsralist
Correct Answer: A

In EMC NetWorker, which utility is used to view the “daemon.raw” file using the locale of the current host?
A. nsr_render_log
B. nsr_la
C. nsr_layout
D. nsr_task
Correct Answer: A

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