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ECCouncil 312-50V10 Dumps [2020] Updated 312-50V10 Exam Questions

You have successfully gained access to your client\\’s internal network and successfully comprised a Linux server which
is part of the internal IP network. You want to know which Microsoft Windows workstations have file sharing enabled.
Which port would you see listening on these Windows machines in the network?
A. 445
B. 3389
C. 161
D. 1433
Correct Answer: A
The following ports are associated with file sharing and server message block (SMB) communications: References:

Which of the following guidelines or standards is associated with the credit card industry?
A. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (COBIT)
B. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
C. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
D. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
Correct Answer: D

What is the role of test automation in security testing?
A. It can accelerate benchmark tests and repeat them with a consistent test setup. But it cannot replace manual testing
B. It is an option but it tends to be very expensive.
C. It should be used exclusively. Manual testing is outdated because of low speed and possible test setup
D. Test automation is not usable in security due to the complexity of the tests.
Correct Answer: A

Employees in a company are no longer able to access Internet web sites on their computers. The network administrator
is able to successfully ping IP address of web servers on the Internet and is able to open web sites by using an IP
address in place of the URL. The administrator runs the nslookup command for www.eccouncil.org and receives an
error message stating there is no response from the server. What should the administrator do next?
A. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP ports 53 and UDP port 53.
B. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP ports 80 and UDP port 443.
C. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP port 53.
D. Configure the firewall to allow traffic on TCP port 8080.
Correct Answer: A

What port number is used by LDAP protocol?
A. 110
B. 389
C. 464
D. 445
Correct Answer: B

What is the way to decide how a packet will move from an untrusted outside host to a protected inside that is behind a
firewall, which permits the hacker to determine which ports are open and if the packets can pass through the packetfiltering of the firewall?
A. Firewalking
B. Session hijacking
C. Network sniffing
D. Man-in-the-middle attack
Correct Answer: A

A security consultant decides to use multiple layers of anti-virus defense, such as end user desktop anti-virus and Email gateway. This approach can be used to mitigate which kind of attack?
A. Forensic attack
B. ARP spoofing attack
C. Social engineering attack
D. Scanning attack
Correct Answer: C

Bob, a network administrator at BigUniversity, realized that some students are connecting their notebooks in the wired
network to have Internet access. In the university campus, there are many Ethernet ports available for professors and
authorized visitors but not for students.
He identified this when the IDS alerted for malware activities in the network.
What should Bob do to avoid this problem?
A. Disable unused ports in the switches
B. Separate students in a different VLAN
C. Use the 802.1x protocol
D. Ask students to use the wireless network
Correct Answer: C

The chance of a hard drive failure is once every three years. The cost to buy a new hard drive is $300. It will require 10
hours to restore the OS and software to the new hard disk. It will require a further 4 hours to restore the database from
the last backup to the new hard disk. The recovery person earns $10/hour. Calculate the SLE, ARO, and ALE. Assume
the EF = 1 (100%).
What is the closest approximate cost of this replacement and recovery operation per year?
A. $146
B. $1320
C. $440
D. $100
Correct Answer: A
The annualized loss expectancy (ALE) is the product of the annual rate of occurrence (ARO) and the single loss
expectancy (SLE).
Suppose than an asset is valued at $100,000, and the Exposure Factor (EF) for this asset is 25%. The single loss expectancy (SLE) then, is 25% * $100,000, or $25,000. In our example the ARO is 33%, and the SLE is 300+14*10 (as
The ALO is thus:
33%*(300+14*10) which equals 146.
References: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annualized_loss_expectancy

In the field of cryptanalysis, what is meant by a “rubber-hose” attack?
A. Attempting to decrypt cipher text by making logical assumptions about the contents of the original plain text.
B. Extraction of cryptographic secrets through coercion or torture.
C. Forcing the targeted key stream through a hardware-accelerated device such as an ASIC.
D. A backdoor placed into a cryptographic algorithm by its creator.
Correct Answer: B

While performing online banking using a Web browser, Kyle receives an email that contains an image of a well-crafted
art. Upon clicking the image, a new tab on the web browser opens and shows an animated GIF of bills and coins being
swallowed by a crocodile. After several days, Kyle noticed that all his funds on the bank was gone. What Web browserbased security vulnerability got exploited by the hacker?
A. Clickjacking
B. Web Form Input Validation
C. Cross-Site Request Forgery
D. Cross-Site Scripting
Correct Answer: C

One advantage of an application-level firewall is the ability to:
A. filter packets at the network level.
B. filter specific commands, such as http:post.
C. retain state information for each packet.
D. monitor tcp handshaking.
Correct Answer: B

One of the Forbes 500 companies has been subjected to a large scale attack. You are one of the shortlisted pen testers
that they may hire. During the interview with the CIO, he emphasized that he wants to totally eliminate all risks. What is
one of the first things you should do when hired?
A. Interview all employees in the company to rule out possible insider threats.
B. Establish attribution to suspected attackers.
C. Explain to the CIO that you cannot eliminate all risk, but you will be able to reduce risk to acceptable levels.
D. Start the Wireshark application to start sniffing network traffic.
Correct Answer: C

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