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Exam Name:Application Delivery Fundamentals
Vendor Name:F5
Exam Code:101
Questions with Answers (PDF)460
Updated:Apr 20, 2020

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EXAM 101 Description

Application Delivery Fundamentals

Every certification track begins here. Passing Exam 101—Application Delivery Fundamentals ensures that candidates have the skills and understanding necessary for day-to-day management of Application Delivery Networks (ADNs) and verifies the candidate has the necessary foundation to pursue all further certification tracks

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Which three are GTM server dynamic load balancing modes? (Choose three.)
A. Packet Rate
B. Virtual Server Score
D. Fallback IP
E. Ratio
Correct Answer: ABC
The Global Traffic Manager supports the following dynamic load balancing modes: Completion Rate CPU Hops
Kilobytes/Second Least Connections Packet Rate Quality of Service (QoS) Round Trip Times (RTT) Virtual Server
Score VS Capacity

ARX will detect any modification to a file on the second tier because all clients are being _______ by the ARX to get to
the storage.
A. Moved
B. Copied
C. Proxied
D. Backed up
E. Deleted
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is a benefit of using iRules?
A. They provide a secure connection between a client and LTM
B. They enable granular control of traffic
C. They can be used as templates for creating new applications
D. They can use Active Directory to authenticate and authorize users
E. They provide an automated way to create LTM objects
Correct Answer: B

An LTM has the 3 virtual servers, four self IP addresses defined and the networks shown in the exhibit. Selected options
for each object are shown below. Settings not shown are at their defaults.

Pmtrainingprep 101 exam questions-q4

A connection attempt is made with a source IP and port of and a destination IP and port of When the request is processed, what will be the destination IP address?

Pmtrainingprep 101 exam questions-q4-2

A. Destination IP:
B. The request will be dropped.
C. Destination IP: pool member in the 192.168/16 network
D. Destination IP: pool member in the 172.16/16 network
Correct Answer: C

Why would an administrator capture monitor traffic between a BIG-IP and servers?
A. Viewing monitor traffic could help the administrator to define a more robust monitor.
B. If a client were having difficulty logging into a load balanced SSH server, viewing and analyzing the connection
process would determine the reason.
C. Only client traffic may be captured; monitor traffic may not be captured.
D. If client traffic to servers was failing, viewing and analyzing monitor traffic would determine the reason.
Correct Answer: A

The incoming client IP address is and the last five connections have been sent to members A, C, E, D and
B. Given the virtual server, pool, and persistence definitions and statistics shown in the above graphic, which member
will be used for the next connection?

Pmtrainingprep 101 exam questions-q6

F. It cannot be determined with the information given.
Correct Answer: C

Where is connection mirroring configured?
A. It an option within a TCP profile.
B. It is an optional feature of each pool.
C. It is not configured; it is default behavior.
D. It is an optional feature of each virtual server.
Correct Answer: D

A site wishes to use an external monitor. Other than what is coded in the monitor script, what information must be
configured on the BIG-IP for the monitor to be functional? (Choose two.)
A. BIG-IP services that are running on the system to be tested.
B. BIG-IP the IP addresses of the devices that will be tested. Must know which
C. BIG-IP node or member the result are to be applied to. Must know all
D. BIG-IP must know the name of the program.
E. BIG-IP must know which function the program is going to test. Must know
Correct Answer: CD

A site would like to ensure that a given web server\\’s default page is being served correctly prior to sending it client
traffic. They assigned the A site would like to ensure that a given web server\\’s default page is being served correctly
prior to sending it client traffic. They be assigned the default HTTP monitor to the pool. What would the member status
be if it sent an unexpected response to the GET request default HTTP monitor to the pool?
A. The pool member would be marked offline (red).
B. The pool member would be marked online (green).
C. The pool member would be marked unknown (blue).
D. The pool member would alternate between red and green.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement describes a typical purpose of iRules?
A. iRules can be used to add individual control characters to an HTTP data stream.
B. iRules can be used to update the timers on monitors as a server load changes.
C. iRules can examine a server response and remove it from a pool if the response is unexpected
D. iRules can be used to look at client requests and server responses to choose a pool member to select for load
Correct Answer: A

Which statement is true concerning cookie persistence.
A. Cookie persistence allows persistence independent of IP addresses.
B. Cookie persistence allows persistence even if the data are encrypted from client to pool member.
C. Cookie persistence uses a cookie that stores the virtual server, pool name, and member IP address in clear text.
D. If a client\\’s browser accepts cookies, cookie persistence will always cause a cookie to be written to the client\\’s file
Correct Answer: A

The main drawback to using an APM Deployment Wizard is that it is not possible to edit the resulting objects, including
the access policy.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: B

Another name for the F5 OneConnect feature is TCP multiplexing.
A. True
B. False
Correct Answer: A

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