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Updated: Jun 07, 2017
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Your application requirements include accessing a legacy mainframe application with native communication protocols. The legacy system must be accessible from J2EE and Net servers. To do this most effectively, you would use a product based on which specification?
D. Web Services
E. Java to CORBA bridge

Correct Answer: D
Within a Service -Oriented Architecture, service version are bound to consumer through the;
A. UDDI Server
B. Service Policy
C. Connectivity Layer
D. Services Directory
E. Orchestration Layer

Correct Answer: B
When considering distributed transactions and the two phase commit protocol which of the following statements is NOT true?
B. WebLogic SERVER ALLOWS TRANSACTIONS TO BE terminated only by the client that created the transaction
C. Recovering transactions for a failed WebLogic server instance requires a weblogic cluster configuration
D. A heuristic decision occurs when any XA resource makes a unilateral decision during the completion phase
E. By default, the Transaction Manager will continue to complete the transaction during the second phase for up to 24 hours

Correct Answer: C
Within the WebLogic Platform environment, which of these events are NOT part the of the Application Lifecycle when re-deploying an application and when the debug flags are set?
A. preStart
B. postStop
C. postStart
D. completed
E. inialization

Correct Answer: D
When designing a Service-Oriented Architecture you plan to provide Services Management capabilities. Primarily Services Management includes:
A. The Message Broker
B. Java Control tracking
C. Business Process instances
D. Security implementation Details
E. Service registration and discovery

Correct Answer: E
Which is the best approach for defining the same network configuration settings for multiple servers within a WebLogic domain?
A. Assign a Net Channel to each server in the domain.
B. Define a distributed destination and assign it to each server
C. Edit the domain’s config.xml file, ensuring that each server has the same network settings
D. Assign the configuration for each server in the domain using the WebLogic Administration Console
E. Define the configuration parameters in a subclass of weblogic.networl.NetworkConnection AND deploy the class on each server in the domain.

070-464 pdf Correct Answer: A
The Certkiller .com architecture has several legacy Tuxedo services that are used for XA transactions as well as overnight batch processing. You have determined that some of these services may need to have some new functionality added within its original source code. As you consider the development resources that will be needed, which Tuxedo programming language libraries provided to develop Tuxedo services?
A. C
B. C,C++
D. COBOL, C, Perl
E. COBOL, C, Java

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following would NOT be a primary consideration when performing capacity for WebLogic Server application deployments?
A. The number of concurrent user sessions that may be required
B. The number of concurrent transactions that must be supported
C. The number of different JDBC driver types that may need to be used
D. The percentage of client requests using SSL to connect to WebLogic Server
E. The CPU usage requirements of other applications running on the same machine.

Correct Answer: C
Within a Service-Oriented Architecture, a Service Directory:
A. Provides Security details
B. Allows consumers to discover services
C. Specifies transport should be used for a service
D. Specifies how to authenticate users of a service
E. Specifies the level of encryption is required for a service.

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following is NOT a WebLogic Server Web Service feature?
A. A UDDI Registry and an implementation of the UDDI client
B. Support for both RPC-oriented and Document-oriented operations
C. Support for message-levl security with digital signatures and encryption
D. Support for asynchronous client invocation using reliable SOAP messaging
E. Support for most common SOAP transport protocols to include JMS, llOP,and RMl

Correct Answer: E
Which approach provides the best solution for dealing with Entity EJB data access granularity and Remote Method invocations?
A. Create a value object and pass the value object to each Entity method
B. Directly update the value of the persistent attribute, thus bypassing a call to the Entity EJB
C. Create a Stateless Session Bean faced, providing a more coarse-grained method invocation
D. Implement the value list pattern, restricting the amount of data that is passed and returned from the Entity EJB
E. Replace the Entity interface with a Session interface to improve performance yet maintaining the same EJB container functionality
Correct Answer: C
Within the WebLogic Platform environment a Portal application is:
A. A Web Service
B. A web application
C. An EJB application
E. A combination of web application, EJB s and libraries, deployed as an enterprise application

Correct Answer: E
WSRP is an attractive option for web development because it decouples the deployment and delivery of applications. WebLogic Platform allows for the creation of WSRP-enabled portles EXCEPT for which portles type?
A. Struts
B. Pageflow
C. HTTP Web Service
D. JSR 168 Java Portlet
E. JSP Portlets using a JPF

Correct Answer: C
You have determined that your Web Applications will be deployed to a WebLogic cluster for high availability . In orderto take advantage of HTTP session replication, which of the following is required?
A. All session data must be serializable
B. Replication Group must be configured
C. One member of the cluster must be used as the proxy server
D. All members of the cluster must be located within rhe same subnet
E. At least two cluster members must be running on separate machines

Correct Answer: A
Within a Service-Oriented Architecture, leveraging WSRP is most appropriate when:
A. Two Portals require a similar Look and Feel.
B. Asynchronous web services are being used
C. A web application requires secure transaction
D. A portlet is being resued in several different Portals.
E. Two Portal consumers require a different Look and Feel based on their profile

Correct Answer: D

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