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Latest effective Cisco 700-265 Exam Practice Tests

Which component of Cisco Stealthwatch uses sophisticated security analytics to accelerate threat response time?
A. network control
B. investigation
C. threat protection
D. anomaly detection
E. granular visibility
Correct Answer: B

Which three options are Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions? (Choose three.)
A. Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System
B. Stealthwatch
C. remote access VPN
D. identity and access control
E. web security
F. cognitive Threat analytics
Correct Answer: ADF

Which Cisco security technology delivers the best real-time threat intelligence?
A. Cisco Security Intelligence Operations
B. Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services
C. Cisco Identity Services Engine
D. Cisco Security Manager
E. Cisco TrustSec
Correct Answer: A

Which two attack vectors are protected by cloud app security? (Choose two.)
A. mobile
B. cloud apps
C. voicemail
D. email
E. campus and branch
Correct Answer: AD

Which two Cisco business values demonstrate features of end-to-end protection and protection across the attack
continuum? (Choose two.)
A. completeness
B. cost effectiveness
C. protection
D. control
E. flexibility
Correct Answer: BD

How does Cisco TrustSec help secure sensitive data and regulating network access?
A. email security
B. leverage file reputation
C. ensure compliance
D. provide customer choice
E. traffic tagging
Correct Answer: C

In addition to protection, control, and flexibility, which two business values are included in Cisco value propositions?
(Choose two.)
A. Support
B. Completeness
C. Cost effectiveness
D. Scalability
E. Integration
Correct Answer: BC

Which ISR appliance di you use if your customer is a small business that requires integrated switching and routing and
WAN redundancy?
A. FirePower 8000 secirs
B. Cisco 4000 Series ISR
C. Cisco 800 Series ISR
D. FirePower 7000 Series
E. FirePower 2100 Series
Correct Answer: C

Which trait of Cisco security solutions addresses the worry that a customer\\’s security provider will leave the market or
reach end-of-life?
A. familiarity
B. functionality
C. robustness
D. cost
E. stability
Correct Answer: E

Which Cisco business values are demonstrated by increased employee productivity, confidence in data confidentiality,
and increased visibility?
A. protection
B. completeness
C. cost effectiveness
D. control
E. flexibility
Correct Answer: D

Which two aspects of Cisco solutions save customers money? (Choose two.)
A. 100 percent effectiveness
B. Faster integration
C. Fewer resources to manage
D. Lowest-cost solutions
E. Incentives programs
F. Complete replacement of current infrastructure
Correct Answer: BC

Which NGIPS appliance do you use if you customer is at the enterprise level and requires modular architecture that is
A. FirePOWER 2100 Series
B. ASA 7000 Series
C. FirePOWER 8000 Series
D. Cisco 4000 Series ISR
E. Cisco 800 Series ISR
Correct Answer: C

Which option describes how partners can help customers using their unique relationship with Cisco award-winning
resources and support?
A. Be the first to receive new innovations
B. Take advantage of incentives programs
C. Access 24-hour support around the word
D. Earn higher margins on each deal sold
Correct Answer: C

Which phase of the software lifecycle deals with anticipating customer needs and bundling and adding products
A. plan and supply
B. upsell and cross sell
C. renew
D. land and expand
E. know and grow
Correct Answer: B

Which three options are products and benefits of the mobile threat-centric solution? (choose three)
A. AnyConect
B. URL filter
C. Enhanced access and usage control with ISE
D. Enforced device security policies with Meraki
E. Secure off-network connection with Stealthwatch
F. CRD and network Analytics
Correct Answer: ABC

How does the Cisco policy and access solution handle a changing user base in growing company?
A. Cisco delivers a flexible and scalable security solution framework that can adapt to changing customer needs.
B. Cisco architecture offers the lowest TCO by providing product that integrate, which lowers the cost of IT setup,
management, and maintenance.
C. Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group integrates into all security solutions, which provides advanced
protection against new threats.
D. Cisco provides you the ability to monitor and restrict application usage. As applications become more complex, Cisco
provides the flexibility to control all or subsets of the application.
Correct Answer: C

Which three options are a result of utilizing a fragmented security model? (Choose three.)
A. additional fragmentation that reduces the risk from malicious files
B. fragmented security that provides disbursed protection
C. decreased network accessibility through multiple applications
D. patchworked applications that continually increase in complexity
E. individual components pieced together that are incompatible
F. multiple points of access that can be exploited by cyber criminals
Correct Answer: AEF

Which two options are products and benefit of the campus and branch threat-centric solutions? (choose two)
A. Trojan and malware protection with NGIPS
B. Enhanced zero-day and DDoS attacks through NGFW
C. Cloud security policy management through CDO
D. Fuzzy fingerprint
E. Trusted security
Correct Answer: AB

Which issue do customers with vulnerable cloud issues deal with (choose three)
A. invisible employee apps usage
B. appropriate level of access
C. solution that does not extend to cloud
D. lack of protection from cloud apps
E. complex mobile management
F. expensive malware attacks
Correct Answer: BEF

Which three options are Cisco industry differentiators? (choose three)
A. uncontested threat blocking
B. unparalleled commitment to security
C. unmatched support and services
D. lowest price
E. largest selection of security solutions
F. best-in-class technologies
Correct Answer: BCF

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