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Exam Code: 300-135
Exam Name: Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks
Q&As: 118

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300-135 dumps

Share Some Cisco Specialist 300-135 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:

QUESTION NO 14. For a default TeamSite installation on Windows to virtualize properly, which one of the following
statements about local groups is true?
A. Local groups must be created for each TeamSite role and user accounts added to the local group
B. A local TeamSite group account must be manually created after installation.
C. Local groups must be created for grouptasks in TeamSite workflow.
D. Local groups must be created according to the configuration in submit.cfg.
E. No action needs to be taken concerning local groups.
300-135 exam Answer: E
17. In a default installation, which one of the following tasks is a TeamSite user with the “Editor” role
UNABLE to perform?
A. Create a workarea.
B. Create an edition.
C. Merge two conflicting files.
D. Submit files to the Staging area.
E. Remove a job.
QUESTION NO 15. The customer wants two types of product descriptions. One is for public external view and includes
basic product information. The other is for private internal use and contains sales pricing guidelines and
strategies. The customer is very concerned that the public data be exactly the same on both types of
documents and also wants them to look as much alike as possible. Based on the above scenario, which
one of the following is the right approach?
A. Use one data capture template that gathers all the information and two presentation templates–one for
external and one for internal page generation.
B. Use a personalization server to format the document on the fly when the user logs in.
C. Use one data capture template and one presentation template that includes a component template that
only displays the private information to internal users based on their user IDs.
D. Use two data capture templates–one for external and one for internal page generation and a single
presentation template.

E. Use two completely different template data types–one for external and one for internal page generation,
each with its own data capture template and presentation template.
300-135 dumps Answer:A
QUESTION NO 17. Your customer puts most of its content in a directory called htdocs and all of its links are relative to
that directory. The customer also puts some commonly used images in a directory called “common/”,
which is at the same level as “htdocs/”, not under it. The customer sets up a virtual directory to support
this on its production Web server and wants to support this in a virtualized workarea. What proxy
configuration do you need in order to support the above scenario?
A. _docroot=htdocs /common=/common
B. _docroot=htdocs /common=/htdocs/common
C. docroot=htdocs /common=/common
D. docroot=/ /htdocs=/htdocs /common=/common
E. _docroot=/ /htdocs=/htdocs /common=/common
QUESTION NO 18. Why does a proper content management solution take into account employees at all levels in the
client company, including content contributors, content administrators, production managers, and
A. It is recommended practice to implement content management with minimal executive involvement.
This is the most pragmatic path to satisfying the majority of the employees.
B. Since all the employees want to continue to use the best possible tools, a content management
solution that uses an open architecture satisfies all the employees.
C. It is recommended practice to implement content management with little or no change to existing
processes. The resulting solution satisfies all the employees.
D. A proper content management solution balances the needs of all the employees in the company.
E. An optimal content management solution can be implemented by the content administrators working
together with the production managers to build a prototype.
300-135 pdf Answer: D

Which traits should a Help Desk manager look for an analyst to determine if the analyst can
effectively multitask?
A. handles stress andprioritize
B. takes the initiative and is creative
C. takes chances and switches topics
D. changes perspectives often and is self sufficient
Answer: A
How can you pursue continuous learning to stay current with industry standards? (Choose two)
A. create an individual development plan
B. conduct monthly performance reviews
C. volunteer for projects that require you toleam new information
D. communicate a need for change by providing a compelling business rationale
300-135 vce 
Answer: A,C
External outsourcing by a third party is the preferred method of support in which situation?
A. Your support organization supports a number of proprietary applications and has significant
security restrictions.
B. Your support organization is going through a rollout of new desktops and you anticipate that
you may need to increase your staff from 20 to 25 for a three-month period.
C. Your support organization would like to transfer support responsibility to an outside
organization. Management requires that all support be performed on the premises.
D. Your support organization supports a large number of remote desktops using standard office
software that requires 24-hour service information Technology priorities do not allow management
time to focus on support issues.
Answer: D
If individual performance problems continue for an extended time, the Help Desk manager may
need to resort to positive discipline. Positive discipline places responsibility for appropriate
performance on the
A. manager
B. employee
C. employee’s colleagues
D. Human Resources Director
300-135 exam 
Answer: B
What are three common problems when supporting global customers? (Choose three)
A. Problems are not communicated clearly.
B. Global network downtime occurs frequently.
C. Service expectations vary from country to country.
D. Different technologies are found in different countries.
Answer: A,C,D
How can you motivate others to seek guidance?
A. emphasize changing behaviors rather than people
B. provide incentives that are challenging yet attainable
C. use personal visits as an opportunity for employee feedback, support, and mentoring
D. Evaluate performance of team members and provide support to facilitate optimum performance
300-135 dumps 
Answer: C
To which three types of data do companies restrict access? (Choose three)
A. network shares
B. personnel records
C. payroll information
D. proprietary information
Answer: B,C,D

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