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400-201 Dumps

Share Some Cisco Specialist 400-201 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Below:

Question No : 12 Customers connecting to a Service Provider for Internet access are intending to implement redundant peering. The design requirements call for preferring a primary link for both ingress and egress traffic. Secondary links should be used only during primary outages. What two BGP deployment options will accomplish this design goal? (Choose two.)
A. On the router handling the secondary link, advertise routes with a MED value of 0.
B. On the router handling the primary link, set the weight for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.
C. On the router handling the secondary link, advertise all routes with a longer AS-PATH value.
D. On the router handling the primary link, advertise all routes with a longer AS-PATH value.
E. On the router handling the secondary link, set the local preference for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.
400-201 exam Answer: C,E
Question No : 13
Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true?
400-201 dumps

A. This is an inter autonomous unicast route.
B. The BGP MED value is 26.
C. This is an mVPN route.
D. The route target value is
E. There is a route reflector in this network.
F. The route did not import this route into the VRF one.
Answer: E
Question No : 14  Which statement about Remotely Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) is true?
A. Route tagging is one of the techniques used by RTBH
B. It is used for BGP authentication
C. It cannot work with static routes
D. It uses extended ACLs for blocking attacks by creating a black hole
E. Before configuring RTBH. LDP must be enabled on the interface
400-201 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 15
Which description is true of that the fast-reroute keep all paths command accomplishes when used under OSPF process?
A. All possible alternate routes are installed in the OSPF RIB, even if the alternate paths do not meet the LFA criteria (the LFA inequalities)
B. By default, only the /32 routes have a backup path installed. This command creates a  backup path for the router with any subnet mask.
C. Besides the regular LFA backup paths, this command also installs the remote LFA backup paths.
D. All backup routes – not only the best backup route are installed in the OSPF RIB.
Answer: D
Candidate Repair-Path Lists When OSPF computes a repair path, it keeps in the local RIB only the best from among all the candidate paths, in order to conserve memory. You can use the fast-reroute keep-all-paths command to create a list of all the candidate repair paths that were considered. This information can be useful for troubleshooting but it can greatly increase memory consumption so it should be reserved for testing and debugging.

Question No : 16  Refer to the exhibit.
400-201 dumps
An engineer is troubleshooting CSC-PE and CSC-CE configurations and finds that there is a missing communication between Layer 3 VPN customer sites that are connected to customer carrier provider. What is the cause of this issue?
A. The static route configured on CSC-PE1 is missing the vrf keyword on next-hop information.
B. The CSC-PE1 does require knowledge of the Layer 3 VPN customer prefixes in order to allocate and exchange Layer 3 VPN labels with CSC-CE1.
C. A CSC design requires selective label allocation.
D. The CSC-PE1 device is not allocating labels for the CSC backbone carrier route reflector.
E. The CSC-PE1 and CSC-CE1 routers are not exchanging labeled IPv4 prefixes, which results in LSP blackholing.
400-201 pdf Answer: E
Question No : 17  In an end-to-end Layer 2 service, which technology provides the capability to detect, verify, isolate, and report faults across a provider network?
A. carrier detect
Answer: D
Question No : 18 A system administrator wants to install a VCS database enterprise agent on to an active/passive cluster. Where should the database agent files be installed?
A. on local storage on every system in the cluster
B. on local storage on the machine designated as the active system
C. on shared storage so that both active and passive systems will have access
D. on shared storage with a symbolic link to the database on the active system
400-201 vce Answer: A
Question No : 19 Which VCS bundled agent can be used to mirror the state of a NIC resource to another service group?
A. Proxy
B. Phantom C.
Answer: A
Question No : 20 What are three default behaviors of VCS? (Choose three.)
A. migrating applications from a system on intentional system shutdown
B. shutting down the system when an application fails on that system
C. enabling remote access for the cluster management GUI
D. AutoDisable the service groups on a system when that system fails
400-201 exam Answer: ACD
Question No : 21 You have a two-system VCS cluster with two dedicated Ethernet heartbeats and I/O Fencing enabled. What will happen if both heartbeat connections are lost simultaneously?
A. The cluster automatically stops on both systems.
B. All services groups are frozen on both systems.
C. All service groups are evacuated from both systems.
D. One system will panic, and the other will remain up and operational.
Answer: D
Question No : 22 Given a service group where FailOverPolicy=Load, which VCS attribute does HAD use to determine the failover target?
A. Capacity
B. Load
C. Prerequisites
D. AvailableCapacity
400-201 dumps Answer: D
Question No : 23 Which set of commands are needed to add a resource type TypeA with a RestartLimit of 2 to a running cluster?
A. haconf -makerw
hatype add TypeA
hatype modify TypeA RestartLimit 2
haconf dump -makero
B. haconf makerw
hares add TypeA
hares modify TypeA RestartLimit 2
haconf dump -makero
C. haconf makerw
hatype add TypeA
hatype set TypeA RestartLimit 2
haconf dump -makero
D. haconf makerw
hatype modify TypeA RestartLimit 2
hatype add TypeA
haconf dump -makero
Answer: A
Question No : 24 There is a requirement for an application to remain online when a public network interface fails in a
 two-system VCS cluster. Which hardware configuration is required to configure this behavior in VCS?
A. At least two public network interfaces must be present on each system.
B. One network interface per system will work as long as two or more switches are present.
C. VCS will fail over the application any time any network interface fails on a system.
D. Multiple network interfaces must be on the same controller card on each system.
400-201 pdf Answer: A
Question No : 25 You are planning to install both VERITAS Cluster Server and VERITAS Volume Manager. You will also be changing the application environment over the course of the next 18 months. Increasing the number of will require modification of the VCS configuration. (Choose three.)
A. highly available applications
B. file systems used by the highly available applications
C. disk groups used by the highly available applications
D. disks in the disk group used by the highly available applications
Answer: ABC
Question No : 26 What is a requirement for implementing a VCS cluster?
A. Hardware single points of failure must be isolated and eliminated.
B. An application must be able to restart to a known state after a failure.
C. An application must be able to run simultaneously on all clustered systems.
D. Monitored redundant hardware components must be the same make and model.
400-201 vce Answer: B
Question No : 27 The systems you need to work on are in production and you want to minimize downtime. VCS is not currently installed or configured, though an application is. Which two tasks can be performed prior to the downtime window? (Choose two.)
A. modify the public network interface configuration
B. connect the Fibre Channel cable from the system to the storage switch
C. attach the copper SCSI cable to the storage array

D. modify the private network interface configuration
E. test public network interfaces by disconnecting the cables
Answer: BD
Question No : 28 You want to install a database application in a four-node VCS cluster.
  Which system configuration is NOT suitable for the cluster?
A. SystemA
B. SystemB
C. SystemC
D. SystemD
400-201 exam Answer: D
Question No : 29 Which hardware component is considered key in a high availability configuration using VERITAS Volume Manager and VCS?
A. multiple I/O paths
B. shared memory segment definitions
C. multiple processors
D. Fibre Channel attached storage
Answer: A
Question No : 30 Which two passwords do you need to install and configure VCS with the Oracle Enterprise Agent with second level monitoring? (Choose two.)
A. network switch
B. administrative user
C. cluster operator
D. Oracle user
400-201 dumps Answer: BD
Question No : 31 You are installing VCS on a new four-node cluster. You will be running the installation program from a single node. The system administrators are concerned about system security and do not want to give you the administrative password. Instead, they want to enter the password once and then leave you alone to work. Assuming there are no reboots into single-user mode, which two methods enable you to accomplish this? (Choose two.)
A. telnet
B. ftp C.
ssh D.
rsh E.
Answer: CD
Question No : 32 During review of a two-system VCS active-passive cluster installation, it is noticed that all disks are configured into a VERITAS Volume Manager disk group containing the boot disk. Which limitation does this impose?
A. VCS cannot manage volumes created in this disk group.
B. Volumes in this disk group are restricted to only having two plexes.
C. This disk group cannot be deported/imported during an application fail over.
D. There are no limitations to having all disks in this disk group.
400-201 pdf Answer: C
Question No : 33 Which elements are NOT components of a base VCS installation? (Choose two.)
A. bundled agents
B. enterprise agents
D. GAB Drivers
E. Clustered Volume Manager
Answer: BE
Question No : 34 You have just installed VCS using the installvcs script on a two-system cluster. Now you are checking the contents of key configuration files to validate the installation. What is the name of the command, with options, that you find in the /etc/gabtab file?
A. gabconfig c -x
B. gabconfig c n 2
C. gabconfig -x
D. gabconfig n 2
400-201 vce Answer: B
Question No : 35 A sysname file is created on one of the cluster systems. Which two additional files need to be modified on that system? (Choose two.)
A. llthosts
B. gabtab
C. gabhosts
D. main.cf E.
Answer: AD
Question No : 36 Which VCS utility is used to verify a configuration file and can also be used by the VCS engine to load a configuration file at run time?
A. hacf
B. haconf

C. haload
D. haverify
400-201 exam Answer: A
Question No : 37 VCS needs to be patched on systems running in a production environment. There are two service groups currently running in a cluster that has two systems. VCS is to be stopped on all systems in the cluster in order to apply the patch without any application downtime. What is the proper VCS command to accomplish this?
A. hastop all
B. hastop all force
C. hapause upgrade
D. hasys -stop
Answer: B
Question No : 38 Click the Exhibit button. The diagram shows a proposed HA configuration. What effect would configuring the public NIC to handle low priority heartbeats have?

A. provides more protection from split brain
B. improves LLT and GAB traffic load balance
C. prevents the cluster from going into jeopardy if both private heartbeats fail
D. provides additional availability for the public NIC
400-201 dumps Answer: A
Question No : 39 What are two ways to obtain a valid VERITAS Cluster Server license key? (Choose two.)
A. call the automated License Key Request line
B. contact your VERITAS Sales Representative
C. contact VERITAS Technical Support
D. use the key provided in the installation manual
E. use the VERITAS vLicense WEB site
Answer: BE

400-201 dumps

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